After we worked feverishly on the website leading up to the CAP ‘blastoff’ I looked  over the astounding responses that have come my way since launching just 5 short days ago.  I am tearful on a regular basis.  It is truly the culmination of a lifelong pursuit of seeking ways to connect humanity with itself; my gratitude has carried me to the deepest sense of purpose I have ever known.  I wrote this last night and wanted to share it with you.  It came like several bursts of insight.

Today, like so many days this year, has been remarkable. I live in the front row of this cosmic classroom getting a crash course on the importance of vulnerability.   Being emotionally available with a modicum of balance is utterly foreign to the unpracticed.   Being suspicious of happiness is the norm.  Contentment is  kept in the pantry with the salt. 

 One of my friends who is a skilled writer, said:  “I never really heard ‘ability’ in the word vulnerability until you spoke about it”.     I said vulnerability is my greatest strength!   Along with that sudden epiphany, my vision of a purpose rose to an unfamiliar height.    My enthusiasm for life majestically expanded at a time when ‘the world’ seemed to be shrinking into fear.  I see how hard it is for people to believe in themselves.  How suspicious some are of an open heart, unafraid to express itself and the joy it contains.   My heart exudes heaviness when looking outward to heal the ‘real’ world so I meditate and pray to the source of my breath that I may bring forth my hope instead .  My lifetime has proven that knowing oneself requires center stage.  It is not a liberal fantasy.  Jesus, a fellow jew,  taught the Holy Spirit lives within. 

One pandemic lesson is that  hugging is  one of the few things that makes sense.  Without embracing, without compassion going to the core – we flounder and eventually sink.

Oh life!  My friend!  Your giving breath forges comfort I wish to share. 

Mindy Yanish January 20, 2021

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