The Creative Alliance Project serves as a nexus for all things creative; to inspire the advancement of deep human connection and true self-expression. Through the power of unfettered creativity and supportive programs, we move the needle of human experience toward equity and kindness. We encourage broad community involvement through engagement to under-resourced and marginalized residents- weaving individuals, civic organizations, local government and cultural institutions together. We partner with town agencies and private citizens to establish affordable spaces for exhibition, performance, creating and teaching. All residents are encouraged to become builders of this evolving community organization as an enduring force that reinvigorates businesses, connects neighbors and gives greater meaning to our lives. Our programs -such as showcasing art in empty storefronts (Art In Store) – and our ongoing series of free arts presentations (Living A Creative Life) make our town a welcoming destination for the arts; a haven of imagination and individual expression essential to our future. Together we reconnect to the beauty and wisdom of our creative selves.

We are a diverse community of artists dedicated to equity and inclusion of all individuals regardless of race, gender identity, age and physical ability.