New Muse is an improvising string ensemble started in 2015 performing 20th/21st century music and original works as a vehicle for social activism. As classical/European trained players who are improvisors, we are drawn to composed music that embodies expansive dialogue and self expression in addition to improvised and original works rooted in the Black music tradition of jazz, blues, collective and free improvisation. From this multicultural path, we improvise to inside form, outside/free improvisation, notated and annotated/collective improvising works. We believe improvisation to be the highest form of self expression and freedom. Gwen Laster, violin, Melanie Dyer, viola and Alex Waterman.

Hear audio: “Blue Lotus”
  Dedicated to the artistic genius of Geri Allen (RIP).

Hear audio: “Cigarette”

Dedicated to to the Sandra Bland tragedy


Miles Gilbert is a native New Yorker who studied Jazz Performance at Oberlin Conservatory, where he was mentored by the legendary Saxophonist Gary Bartz. Miles is the bassist in the Griffin Woodard Quartet and is a staple on the NY jazz scene.

Hear audio: “Old Memories” by Miles Gilbert

Hear audio: “Reflections” by Miles Gilbert


When writing music I try to express from a place of sensitivity to the urgency of the many existential crises that face humanity today – global climate catastrophe, poverty, hunger, racial violence. This can be overwhelming, especially when compounded with the more mundane trials we all face every day. For me social activism, despite its daunting challenges, is fundamentally a spiritual act, which is why I called my last album “Da Fé” (of faith): faith in a better future and in our species’ capacity for positive change. But in the end I believe we need more than just music to make change – and so my music is offered in tribute to the political activists who offer me hope, and whose work I want to support however I can.

Hear audio: “Dr. Armchair” by Dan Blake


Kristin Rose Kelleher is a theatre artist, musician, traveler, and yogi. Her journey to a life in theatre began at age 4 when the kids at preschool refused to refer to her as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, which was clearly who she was (that day, at least). She inherited her dad’s love for music and her mom’s wanderlust and is beyond grateful to spend her life exploring the world while collaborating with incredible people and doing what she loves.

 “Working on new or developing musicals is one of my greatest joys. Getting to collaborate with the composers/lyricists, hear their visions, and help make them come to life is an honor and the most wonderful adventure.”

The piece you are about to hear is titled. “Song for David” by Matte O’Brien and Matt Vinson

Youtube: Previous Performances


Sandra is a versatile, professional singer-songwriter and guitarist. She is also dedicated to serving the homeless and youth at risk. Her outreach, through love and music builds a foundation of unity and connection for the communities that she serves.

“Building unity and opportunities to connect people and their cultures is why I want to help CAP. Every artist should be appreciated without bias”

Sandra Small performing her piece “Superpower”



Michael James Gallusci performing his piece “The Art of Sensual Living”

The late Joe Kelleher playing “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton

Joe: ““Music is like oxygen. We need it to breathe, to live, and to spread love. And we need it now more than ever before.”

Hear audio by Joe Kelleher playing “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton

Welcome to The `Music Hall’, dedicated to our friend the late Joe Kelleher. This is where you will find a wonderful array of performances from immensely talented people. If you would like to be considered for one of our Music Halls, we would love to hear from you. Please check the drop down menu under Parts You Can Play and go to ‘submit Music’ for more information! To enjoy our previous performances please visit our Youtube Channel.

Youtube: Previous Performances